Rip-roaring Blue River leads Silverthorne to issue warning |

Rip-roaring Blue River leads Silverthorne to issue warning

The Blue River is running high and fast in Silverthorne, leading town officials to warn people of the dangers posed by the swiftly moving water.
Courtesy of town of Silverthorne

With all the recent runoff, the Blue River is ripping through Silverthorne, just below Lake Dillon.

A gallon of water weighs more 8 pounds and a cubic foot of water over 60 pounds. With all that weight, it’s surprising how only inches of swiftly moving water can sweep someone off their feet, especially young children.

Because the Blue River is running so high and fast, Silverthorne officials issued a warning via social media on Friday asking people to beware of the danger.

“Following our big snow year, we have seen the flow of the Blue River significantly increase this week as spring runoff is well underway,” the warning reads. “Please exercise caution around this swift water.”

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