Silverthorne candidate Q&A: How much of a priority for you is providing additional child care in the community? |

Silverthorne candidate Q&A: How much of a priority for you is providing additional child care in the community?

As a member of the Early Childhood Options Board, working on increasing access to high quality, affordable early child care is vitally important to maintaining a diverse and long-term community and workforce. For decades, the north end of the county has had limited child care options, and as many of our established in-home child caregivers are beginning to retire, the lack of child care resources in Silverthorne is becoming more dire.

As a business owner, I have faced this challenge very personally, from bringing my son to work since he was an infant to loosing amazing and established staff who could not find any openings with the current child care options. The partnership with the county on a new child care facility will add more options and access for the families who seek to grow within our community.

— Erin Young

I support the partnership with Summit County to construct a child care facility in the Smith Ranch neighborhood. Silverthorne receives significant revenue from sales tax from local businesses. The only way to ensure these businesses continue to grow and thrive is to facilitate their ability to attract talent to the community. Access to child care and affordable housing are a must have to attract the talent we need to grow.

— Zachary Kauk

It has become apparent over the past two years that child care is an economic development issue. Without proper early childhood options, locals are unable to work to support their families, which erodes the local workforce. Therefore, I am in support of Silverthorne pursuing early childhood options.

— Tim Applegate

It is a top priority. Demand far exceeds supply. Safe and affordable child care is vital to our community and its working parents. The child care facility planned for the Smith Ranch neighborhood will be a great addition, but we will need more.

— Chris Carran

Child care is a critical need in the community and a top priority of mine because parents are critical to our workforce. My children attended Summit County Preschool, and I also spent six years on the Summit County Preschool Board of Directors. I know first-hand the challenges that a child care organization faces in day-to-day operations. Facility overhead costs require continual community support.

Breckenridge and Frisco have been subsidizing child care in annual six-digit figures for many years. It’s time for Silverthorne to do the same with the funding it has reserved and, with county assistance, to step up and pave the way for a new or renovated building to be secured, staffed and operational for our community.

Now that my children are older, there is also a gap in coverage that exists in our community for our school-age children. We need to tackle this problem, as well. I’m planning to think outside the box, if necessary, to come up with solutions for our working families with children of all ages.

— Valerie Connelly

I believe the provision of a child care facility in the town of Silverthorne is badly needed. Providing child care close to home is an important priority for a town that houses many of Summit County’s residents.

With dramatically increasing construction costs, I am a proponent of just getting it done; whether that involves new construction at Smith Ranch, as originally planned, or utilizing an existing location that would be a good fit.

Once again, ensuring proper funding for this project is a priority.

— Kelly Baldwin

This is a top priority because Silverthorne is a family community. Silverthorne is home to a large number of new parents, and being a new parent with two small children, I have lived the challenge of finding child care. The town of Silverthorne needs to make sure more child care is available ASAP and that it is affordable.

— Tanecia Spagnolia

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