Silverthorne Town Council to discuss public safety issues |

Silverthorne Town Council to discuss public safety issues

The Silverthorne Town Council will be meeting on Sept. 28. There will be discussions about renewing a liquor license, as well as modification to the entrance of Rainbow Park West.

In the town staff comments compiled by Susan Schulman, there are updates on various construction projects throughout the town. The public safety update includes a report about a man “dancing through a parking lot” at a local convenience store, possibly under the influence of ecstasy on Sept. 14. From there, things take a turn towards even stranger.

On Sept. 16 officers received a report about possible cannibalism by Stephens Way and Fashion Lane. While officers did not find evidence of cannibalism, they did find an empty camp, which they broke down and cleaned up.

Also at this meeting, the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) will present possible candidates for $10,000 worth of leftover grants. If the council approves, recipients will be announced Sept. 30.

The later half of the meeting will include an executive session going over strategy for the former South Maryland Creek Ranch development, which is now known as Summit Sky Ranch. The meeting will end with the town council going over both the planning commissions meeting minutes, as well as EDAC’s meeting minutes. The council will end the meeting with the July 2016 sales tax review.

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