Silverthorne Town Council votes in new mayor pro tem |

Silverthorne Town Council votes in new mayor pro tem

During Wednesday night’s meeting, the Silverthorne Town Council voted to make councilwoman JoAnne Nadalin the new mayor pro tem.

The town had been without a mayor pro tem since Peggy Long announced her retirement in mid-February. Council decided it was better to wait in filling the position until Long’s seat was filled. Kevin McDonald was appointed in March, and sworn in during the meeting Wednesday.

Councilwoman Tanya Shattuck nominated Nadalin, citing her hard work during her time on council. Councilman Derrick Fowler seconded, and after Nadalin accepted the nomination, council voted unanimously to make her mayor pro tem.

Nadalin began serving on the planning commission in 2013. After the death of councilman Jon Bird in 2015, she applied and was selected by the council to fill the position in June. She was reelected in April of 2016.

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