Summit County cat rescue highlights important of chipping pets |

Summit County cat rescue highlights important of chipping pets

Katy Jones of Vail is reunited with her cat, which had been microchipped.
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On July 5, Summit County animal control officer Lisa Little received an afterhour’s call regarding an injured cat that showed up at a residence in Dillon Valley.

Officer Little picked up the cat and brought it back to the shelter where she scanned it for a microchip. A number popped up on the scanner indicating the cat had a microchip implanted under his skin. Little obtained the owner’s contact information from the microchip company and was able to get in touch with owner, Katy Jones.

She was very surprised that animal control had her cat, Kiefer, as he had been missing from her home in Vail since June 26.

Summit County animal control officials say microchipping your pets is crucial, no matter how domesticated they.

Many animals that live exclusively in the house or yard can still become lost, officials said. A family member or visitor can inadvertently allow a pet to escape through an open door or gate. In other cases, pets may seek safety from the noise associated with fireworks or thunderstorms.

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