Summit County Clerk’s Office sends corrected ballots after deadline |

Summit County Clerk’s Office sends corrected ballots after deadline

Joe Moylan

The Summit County Clerk and Recorder’s Office did not issue more than 7,000 corrected mail-in ballots by Friday’s state-mandated deadline, but the right November election ballots were delivered to local voters nonetheless.

On Tuesday, Summit County Clerk Kathleen Neel said corrected ballots went out “within one business day” of Friday’s deadline. She cited state statute that permits voters to request a mail-in ballot up to seven days before an election in her decision to mail corrected ballots after Friday’s deadline.

“They’re out and we’re already beginning to receive corrected ballots from local voters,” she said.

Last week Neel discovered more than 7,000 mail-in ballots for November’s election were issued to voters in the wrong districts. For example, voters in Breckenridge received ballots with questions meant for Dillon voters.

The mix-up has caused many to question whether the clerk’s office would be able to protect the integrity of the election.

But Neel said election officials would not “check in” incorrect ballots until they have determined whether voters affected by the mistake returned the proper ballot for their district.

In other words, if a voter submits two ballots, the incorrect one will be thrown out, Neel said. Voters who only return the incorrect ballot will receive credit for state and local issues, but not local ones.

Voters with questions are encouraged to call the Clerk and Recorder’s Office at 453-3479.

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