Summit County Preschool fitness program produces big gains |

Summit County Preschool fitness program produces big gains

A fitness program introduced in Summit County Preschool called “Move to Improve” has shown great results in its first year. Participating 2- to 5-year-olds have seen their strength and endurance levels increase by up to 122 percent from pre-program fitness evaluations.

In a press release, program creator Scott Liebeler said it helped over 200 kids build foundations of strength, balance, endurance, character and coordination. The program involved weekly classes to help kids learn how to exercise as well as teach teachers how to build an exercise program for their students.

The program was funded thanks to a grant from The Summit Foundation through Early Childhood Options and the Summit Head Start program.

Aside from the physical improvement, Liebler said that teacher evaluations revealed “profound effects” on children with motor, social, learning or behavioral challenges.

“Many commented on how even the shiest of children overcame their fear an inhibitions to participate whole heartedly in the activities, and make vital improvements in their learning, performance and communication skills and abilities.”

For more information about the Move to Improve program, call 303-902-4985 or visit

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