Summit High School supports fire station internship |

Summit High School supports fire station internship

Copper Mountain Fire Department staff welcome Summit High School student Kevin Chandler as an intern.
Gary Curmode / Fire Chief of Copper Mountain Fire Department |

Summit High School is working with the Copper Mountain Fire Department to provide one of its students with credit for an internship experience as a firefighter.

Breckenridge resident Kevin Chandler will work with the fire department for 60 hours before presenting about his experiences to classmates at the end of the semester. He began the internship earlier this year when he searched for a chance to learn more about the fire service.

Chandler’s duties include learning basic firefighting skills, helping with station chores, training in emergency medical services, responding to calls and physical conditioning.

“Kevin is integrating well with the Copper Mountain firefighters and is active in cooking meals as well as daily trainings,” Tyler Humphries, a Copper Mountain firefighter, said in a statement.

Chandler is equipped with his own set of protective gear. Although he cannot enter dangerous situations, he responds to calls on the fire engine and watches from a safe distance.

“The Copper Mountain Fire Department would like to publicly welcome Kevin aboard for the duration of this internship, and thanks the community for the opportunity to serve and educate,” Humphries said.

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