Summit School District one of the first to pass medical marijuana plan |

Summit School District one of the first to pass medical marijuana plan

Summit’s Board of Education unanimously approved a new policy on the administering of medical marijuana to eligible students at its regular meeting on Thursday evening, Oct. 6.

The ratification makes the Summit School District one of the first in the state to adopt such a plan, as required by a new statute, known as “Jack’s Law” and signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper this summer. Each of Colorado’s 179 districts is instructed to form a policy regarding how qualified students will receive their non-smokable marijuana treatment on school grounds from a primary caregiver if the medical need can be justified. To date, no students in the district have solicited such a request.

“The district felt it was important to establish guidelines for use of medical marijuana by our students in advance of a family request,” school board president Margaret Carlson said in a statement. “By setting this policy for the Summit School District, we’ve created a safe protocol for the administration of medical marijuana in the school environment.”

Students and families who meet the necessary criteria as defined by the school board for on-site treatment may now submit formal paperwork to make an appeal. According to the district, students 18 years and older possessing a medicinal license must also comply with the requirements set forth in the new policy and written plan.

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