Summit Up: In pursuit of gasoline-soaked news and an umbrella policy |

Summit Up: In pursuit of gasoline-soaked news and an umbrella policy

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s busy as a beaver in a flood, busy as a rabbit in mating season, busy as the marketing people at an insurance company must be every dang day of the year. Seems like every time we turn on the TV these days there’s a different insurance commercial on telling me to protect my dreams or do a dance with an imaginary box of policy benefits or not swerve the car when we see a little green lizard in the road or … something. We’re not always totally sure what they want us to do, but we do know that some of these companies must have like 17 different campaigns going at once and we’re pretty much so sick of listening to them upchuck phrases we don’t understand like “cut-rate” and “bundle” that we’ve just started using this handy little fast forward button on our remote controls to make them go away.

What were we talking about again?

Oh, right how busy we are. So anyway, we in the journalism world like to have what’s called a plan.

If we didn’t you might wake up one day to find sad blank spaces where all your daily news should have been, and then you would call us up wanting to know what the news was and we would have no idea what to tell you because we didn’t have a plan. But every once in a while, life decides to have a laugh and takes our plan, swirls it around in the toilet a bit and then drops it in our breakfast cereal and that’s what happened today. We had a nice little package of news stories all planned out and then a tanker truck crashed on Loveland Pass and sent a deluge of putrid petrol down the hill and what kind of crack reporters would we be if we didn’t cover that? So we’re quite frantic today trying to make sure the paper is full of gasoline-soaked news and other High Country happenings and we’re just going to have to wrap this little column up pretty quick here and get back at it. Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday out there.


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