Summit Up: Oh, to live the life of a street performer |

Summit Up: Oh, to live the life of a street performer

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is considering a career change. Like many of you other fine folks, we took our fried-food-loving bums out to the Colorado BBQ Challenge in Frisco this weekend, hoping to enjoy some sunshine and good eats and suddenly found ourselves roped into a street performance. And ya know, it doesn’t look like such a bad gig. You juggle some fire, make jokes with the audience, call up a cute kid to volunteer. How tough could it be? Of course the retirement package probably isn’t great and if you singe a limb juggling all that fire, you’re probably up a creek, but other than that, how tough could it be?

This weekend we had the pleasure of attending an impromptu show by a self-proclaimed professional street entertainer by the name of Derek Derek (so nice, they named him twice?) who regaled the audience with what could be best described as a circus act meeting stand-up comedy. We’re always impressed when someone can balance a flaming torch on their nose and live to ask for money for it afterward. Which is why we continue to toss our hard-earned cash at Congressional campaigns.

Anywho, by all accounts it was a fun weekend for all who attended and we’re already looking forward to next year.

But enough about fried food and street theater. We have a very important Subaru Outback Alert!! Subaru Outback Alert!! to bring you from a gentleman who wins our cool name of the day award for his fantastic moniker, Rob Dollars. Mr. Dollars also gets our rare and highly sought after mad props for being the first person in the history of forever to submit his alert via Facebook. Rob, we can’t thank you enough for rolling with us as we attempt to create a new home for Summit Up on the Facebook page. You are a 21st Century Renaissance man and we salute you. Rob writes (types) thusly:

“So, Summit Up will now exist primarily in cyberspace. I guess we will have to adapt. Anyway, I have a Subaru Outback alert to submit. During a recent short trip from Breck to Frisco and back, the missus and I counted 26 (yes, twenty-freakin’-six!) Subaru Outback wagons. I am declaring this to be a record ­— and I am further declaring the Outback wagon to be the official vehicle of our oddly-shaped county (seriously, have you ever noticed it looks like Thor’s Hammer, kind of upside down?) I challenge any Summit Countian to exceed this achievement in the course of one 1.5 hour trip within the bounds of SumCo. Don’t try to sneak in any Foresters or Imprezas. Have some integrity.”

Challenge extended. Any takers? Keep us updated at

Folks, that’s bout all we’ve got for ya today. Keep sharing your gripes, shoutouts, announcements, fun photos and other Summit Up material online. And for those of you who have not yet “liked” us on Facebook, get thine self to a computer and check us out. In addition to all the Summit Up weirdness you know and love, you’ll find photos, news updates and opportunities to weigh in on our upcoming stories on our page.

We out.

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