Summit Up: Where we’re hunting for accolades |

Summit Up: Where we’re hunting for accolades

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is just thrilled to announce that we may or may not have been selected by the illustrious Newseum in Our Nation’s Capital as one of the Top Ten Front Page’s of the Day. That is to say we have no idea whether or not our humble little publication was selected for this most obscure of honors, but in this day of Christmas bonuses and participation trophies, you gotta take credit where credit might be due.

The whole mix up began when the Newseum, a very creative name for the first and only (maybe, we’ve done absolutely no research to verify either adjective) museum dedicated to the rich and ink-stained history and rather less healthy present of news in this country, perhaps accidentally tagged us on Facebook on their June 26 post of the Top Ten Front Pages, which they select daily from a crap ton of newspaper covers which are sent to them from all over the world. They may have just tagged us to improve their own viewability on Facebook, or to mess with our fragile egos or (dare we hope) to notify us that our lovely A1 page, seen across breakfast tables in Summit County, had been selected as one of the best. We just don’t know. Doubtful, perhaps, but much like a chubby kid at a swim meet who will always be the champion in his mother’s heart, we know we’ll always sweep the Top Ten Front Page competition in the eyes of our beloved Summit County readers, right?

Sound of crickets.


More crickets.

Alright, moving right along, we’d like to give a big shout out to our local firefighters who are putting in the hours during this most flammable time of year. Our recent Facebook post noticing Breckenridge’s decision to put the kabosh on all amateur fireworks shows — great, small and sparklers — was met with no fewer than 49 “likes” and nine comments from people applauding the decision. Seems that Summit County and the residents therein pretty much unanimously don’t want to catch on fire this summer. So here’s a big Three Cheers Alert!! Three Cheers Alert!! for all the brave men and women who are out there making sure our lovely home doesn’t go up in smoke. Thank you to the Red, White and Blue Fire Protection District, Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue and Copper Mountain Fire Department for all that you do.

Hey, btw (that’s text shorthand for by the way, by the way) Summit Up has recently purchased a second home on the Facebook page. So those of you who love the column, go check it out. You can submit your photos, alerts, announcements and random thoughts there and you’ll usually see them turn up here. It’s aimless community columning for the social networking age! Like us at and get in on the fun.

That’s about all we’ve got for you today, folks.

We out.

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