Summit’s November and December births |

Summit’s November and December births


■ Angel Manuel Gamboa Gonzalez was born on Nov. 1 to Norma Gonzalez and Jesus Manuel Gamboa Estrada of Dillon.

■ Jaxon Alexander Morrison was born on Nov. 2 to Manda and Charlie Morrison of Copper Mountain.

■ Pearl Elizabeth Paiement was born on Nov. 3 to Orion and Betsy Paiement of Alma.

■ Maylee Beckett was born on Nov. 4 to Melissa and Miles of Silverthorne.

■ Barclay Everest James Headley was born on Nov. 4 to Alex and Cathlyn of Silverthorne.

■ Andrew Briscoe Todd was born on Nov. 8 to Molly and Mike of Fairplay.

■ Nicolette Valentina Kitners was born on Nov. 11 to Nathan and Helky Kitners of Dillon.

■ Oliver Wilde Rasmussen was born on Nov. 13 to Eric and Whitney Rasmussen of Breckenridge.

■ Lina Fay Van Der Vaart was born on Nov. 13 to Tiffany Altmann and John Van Der Vaart of Keystone.

■ Caulder Woods McIntosh was born on Nov. 16 to Pail and Ann McIntosh of Dillon.

■ Devan Adele Mazlish was born on Nov. 20 to Jared and Darcy Mazlish of Breckenridge.

■ Marie Rose Cook was born on Nov. 21 to Michael and Kelly Cook of Breckenridge.

■ Trent William Bickford was born on Nov. 21 ro Jacqualine and Travis Bickford of Breckenridge.

■ Loranzo Federico Pecori was born on Nov. 25 to Nico and Jenna Pecori of Breckenridge.

■ Cody Alexander Manguso was born on Nov. 28 to Anna Cichowska and Izick Manguso of Dillon.

■ Wesley James Frye was born on Nov. 28 to Jermmy and Rachel Frye of Dillon.


■ Gavin Clinton Thompson was born on Dec. 2 to Jake Thompson and Deanna Douglas of Hartsel.

■ Daphney Rose Munoz-McGow was born on Dec. 2 to Naomi and Jesus Munoz-Lopez of Dillon.

■ Finn Dean Oderman was born on Dec. 2 to Rob and Kelsi Oderman of Blue River.

■ Oliver Augustus Heintz was born on Dec. 2 to Jacob and Malorie Heintz of Leadville.

■ Madelyn Ann Letson was born on Dec. 3 to Kelly and James Letson of Alma.

■ Esther Anyelli Peralta Hernandez was born on Dec. 4 to Nereyda Hernandez and Feliz Peralto of Silverthorne.

■ Grey Robert-J Barbu was born on Dec. 6 to Irlande King and Terry Barbu of Breckenridge.

■ Gavin Roger Couch was born on Dec. 10 to Marcus and Jessica Couch of Leadville.

■ Zoe Quijas-Juarez was born on Dec. 10 to Griselda and Jorge Quijas of Silverthorne.

■ Jonathan Thomas Vincent was born on Dec. 13 to Cody and Jaci Vincent of Leadville.

■ Eizen Kanakanui Kanamu-Mayer was born on Dec. 15 to Britnee and Jason Kanamu-Mayer of Wahiawa, Hawaii and Dillon.

■ Thalia Violet Crew was born on Dec. 15 to Abby and Peter Crew of Silverthorne.

■ Jessa Caroline Manka was born on Dec. 23 to Joe and Amy Manka of Silverthorne.

■ Christopher Scott Fornear Jr. was born on Dec. 24 to Christopher and Brandi Fornear of Buena Vista.

■ Baby Montes/Galindo was born on Dec. 24.

■ Jack Kenneth Tilley was born on Dec. 25 to Brian and Laura Tilley of Buena Vista.

■ Baby McCarthy was born on Dec. 26.

■ Heidi Patricia Gerken was born on Dec. 27 to Rachel and Tim Gerken of Breckenridge.

■ Maximus John Gaspar Kreiger was born on Dec. 28 to Javier and Angela Gaspar Gutierrez of Breckenridge.

■ Hadley Brooke Berman was born on Dec. 28 to Jason Berman and Kara Eiseman of Frisco.

■ Sonny Alexander Scriver was born on Dec. 29 to Heather and Dane Scriver of Eagle.

■ Esdras Augusto Torruco was born on Dec. 29 to Guti and Nicole of Dillon.

■ Sofia Camila Pinillos Giraldo was born on Dec. 30 to Enrique Pinillos and Luz Stella Pinillos of Dillon.

■ William Abbott March was born on Dec. 30 to Alex March and Jenny Abbott of Leadville and Frisco.

■ Wyatt Keyne Hughes was born on Dec. 31 to Adam and Erin Hughes of Fairplay.

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