Two hospitalized after chlorine leak in Keystone |

Two hospitalized after chlorine leak in Keystone

Caddie Nath

Two Keystone Lodge employees ended up in the hospital Wednesday after they inhaled chlorine gas that leaked into a pool facility following an explosion when a chlorinator malfunctioned.

The male and female employees were transported by ambulance to St. Anthony’s Summit Medical center for treatment, and the pool house had to be evacuated after the leak was discovered. No guests were exposed to the fumes and the lodge itself did not need to be evacuated.

Crews from Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue, Red, White and Blue and a High Country Training Center hazardous materials team responded to a report of an explosion at 10 a.m. Wednesday and helped decontaminate the two employees.

Chlorine gas can burn the upper respiratory system if inhaled.

The leak was caused by chlorine tablets that were exposed to water, dissolved and released the gas.

The tablets were reportedly released after the lid of the automated pool chlorinator was blown off in the explosion, according to a statement from fire officials Wednesday. They replaced the lid and attached a hose to the chlorinator to allow the remaining chlorine/water solution to drain out. Clean up was turned over to Keystone Resort.

“Anyone who handles chlorine needs to understand the hazards and how to prevent (issues),” Lake Dillon spokesman Steve Lipsher said following the incident.

It’s the second time in recent years a chlorine leak has caused problems in Summit County. A leak at a water treatment plant in Frisco closed down Summit Boulevard several years ago.

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