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Locals weigh in on the presidential election


“Kerry. His views are more in line with mine – the environment, health care and having a better relationship with the rest of the world.” – McKennzie Hadaway, Breckenridge”Bush. Kerry scares me. It’s the fight against terrorism, and I don’t want my taxes to go up.” – Shannon Cross, Austin, Texas”Before my grandmother died a week ago (she was 97-plus years old), she knew her time was coming short. She wanted to make a political statement before she died. She voted for Kerry, mainly because of the women’s rights issue. She was very independent. She was ahead of her time.” – Lenny Kumar, Breckenridge

“(If I were old enough), I would look toward a third party candidate. I haven’t heard what I’m looking for from Kerry or Bush.” – Marshall Snead, Summit High School sophomore”Kerry. If Bush gets re-elected, he’s going to turn the clock back even further on everything. And you can kiss two to four moderate and liberal Supreme Court Justices good-bye.” – Laurie Archer, Silverthorne”(If I were old enough), I’d vote for Kerry. I don’t think Bush is doing a good job with the war. And I think people should have a choice on abortion and gay marriage. Kerry does a better job giving individuals their rights and freedoms.” – Katheryn Foley, Summit High School sophomore

“Probably Kerry. I like most all of his ideals, having non-violent offenders out of jail, shifting the war on drugs to more violent crimes.” – J.J. Ahern, Frisco”(If I were old enough), I would vote for Kerry. I like his views on women’s rights, and I like his environmental views.” – Lauren Jefferson, Summit High School sophomore”Bush. I don’t agree with everything he does, but I like a president who is clear on where he stands. I think he’s a strong leader.” – Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge

“Kerry, because I don’t like the direction our current government is headed. I don’t think we’re as focused on the good of the people as we are on power and capitalism.” – Carrie Weigel, Silverthorne”Kerry. George Bush’s attitude toward gays and lesbians is that they aren’t as deserving of equal protection under the law.” – Terry Frances, Breckenridge”Kerry because we definitely need changes. Something’s got to change. Bush is bad.” – Uyent Tran, Breckenridge

“Kerry, because my father would kill me. No, I just don’t believe President Bush handled the Iraq thing in the best way possible. It was deceptive from the beginning. And I’m pro-choice, pro-stem cell research, all that good stuff.” – Bethany Ingro, Silverthorne “Kerry, especially in a tight race. I voted Green Party – Nader – last time, and I felt my vote was wasted. Anyone but Bush.” – Steve O’Hearne, Breckenridge”Kerry. I’m not sure why. Actually, I’m trying to block it all out of my head.” – Phil Bund, Dillon

“Bush, for all kinds of reasons. His morals, he’ll do better with the war. I’m afraid what Kerry will do with the war.” – Kathy Martinez, Littleton”Kerry, without a doubt. I like those bumper stickers that say, ‘Anyone but Bush.’ I don’t want things to keep going in a downward spiral.” – Rachel Rich, Leadville”Definitely Bush. I think Kerry is not fit; he’s not ready. I believe he’s not the Christian he says he is by the many misquotes of the Bible. He said he believes in John 16:3; he meant John 3:16. John 3:16 says, ‘He loved us so much He gave us His only begotten son.’ John 16:3 says, ‘He knows not what he does.'” – Peggy Ryan, Silverthorne

“John Kerry. I believe the Democrats are better on the environment. They have a more balanced attitude on the war. We need to get that mess straightened out; we need change.” – Jennie Vinyard-Houx, Frisco “Kerry – anyone’s better than Bush. I have nothing really good to say about him except that he’s better than Bush. And Cheney scares me. The whole administration gives me the willies.” – Jeff Kamis, Frisco”We’re going to keep Mr. Bush in office. The other guy is, whoa, too scary. I’m very upset with my president, but he’s the better of the two options.” – Mike Smith, Eagle

“The previous election, I voted for Bush. But my husband is in technology and there’s been so much job outsourcing under Bush. And the economy has just gone south. Both my husband and I have changed our votes and voted for Kerry.” – Bonnie Harr, Boulder”Bush. Mostly because of the military. I feel we’re in Iraq, we have to support our troops. We have to get out, but I don’t see Kerry getting us out. Bush has a good plan to get us back out.” – Lynne Waidler, Boulder”Kerry. I watched the debates intently and made my decision based on that.” – Jackie Scruggs, Cleburn, Texas

“Kerry. There’s a few points about Bush I don’t agree with, his beliefs about abortion and religion.” – Dave Schwartz, Fairplay”Kerry. Basically because I don’t like Bush. Kerry is the lesser of two evils.” – Nikki Baker, Breckenridge”Bush. I know what he stands for. Kerry says one thing and switches back and forth. Even if I don’t like what Bush says, you know where he stands.” – Greg Johnson, Frisco

“Kerry. I like his stand on drug laws and gay marriage.” – Kristen Armstrong, Breckenridge”I’m undecided. I’m most interested in what each candidate will do for small businesses.” – Larkin Ferris, Breckenridge”Kerry. His stance on the environment, the war in Iraq, and the economy. Also, it is an anti-Bush vote.” – Gary Kimsew, Ft. Collins

“Bush, because I like what he has to say and what he does.” – Susan Cates, Breckenridge”Kerry. Anything to get that S.O.B. out of office.” – Willow Conwell, Summit Cove”I’m undecided. I might not vote for president because neither of them are good enough in my mind.” – Katie Allen, Ft. Collins

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