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Looking for the man who hit my husband

Echo Garrett Marietta, Ga.

On the day after Christmas, our family was taking an easy run on Mozart at Keystone. Our 12-year-old son was leading, my husband was next, followed by me. Halfway down the run, I was almost taken out by a young guy in a tan jacket with camouflage pants. He and his friend appeared to be racing down the mountain, seeing how close they could come to people. I looked ahead for my son, because I was afraid he would get hit. When I looked back toward where my husband had been, he was gone. Then I saw the bottom of his snowboard. He was unconscious with foam coming out of his mouth when I reached him. When he came to, he told me that a guy had hit him and knocked him backward down the mountain where he landed on his head. His brain began swelling and he became incoherent. A good Samaritan who was a nurse practitioner stabilized his head until the ski patrol arrived. Bottom line: He had to be life-flighted to Denver’s Swedish Medical Center with a suspected broken neck and a severe concussion. Miraculously, he’s doing well, but he’s remembered more about what happened that day. I’m hoping that one of your readers witnessed the accident or knows the person who left my husband for dead on the mountain that day. Several people stopped, but at the time, we were focused on saving my husband – not on catching the person responsible for running over him. Our sons were completely traumatized seeing their dad put in the helicopter. They thought he was going to die or be a shell of the person who they had known. I’d like that young man to be held responsible for the pain he’s caused our family. There is no way you could hit a person with that kind of force and not know that you’d done serious damage. My husband had bruising on the side of his chest where the guy hit him. Thank God Kevin was wearing a helmet, and thank God for the excellent care he received from the ski patrol and at Keystone Medical Center.

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