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Loren Lathrop: Ah, holiday driving!

Loren Lathrop

I’ll start by saying that I am patient driver. I have endured blights of brights, wandering swerves, silent blinkers and moronic drivers. Little did I know that after a day of Christmas shopping I would encounter a driver who would do everything in his power to test my capabilities.

I was headed south, passing the Blue River Bistro on Main Street when I couldn’t help but notice a large, white, Ford truck who apparently thought he could fit his truck where there was little room enough for a bicycle. I applied the brakes after I witnessed how determined the truck was to gain my spot, which was strange because there was only one car following me, first not third I suppose. Blinker-less, the white truck thrust himself into my lane and continued for three car-lengths before pulling off as though he was going to turn off onto the next street. Again blinkers ignored. I noticed his Wyoming license plate, and took little notice at first. I passed him, as he pulled in the turn lane and stopped, and my passenger informed me that he was yelling through the windows at me. After I passed the truck, he cut off the car behind me and started following me, it wasn’t more than a few yards before he started flashing his brights at me as if I’d hit him, or done something wrong. I daydreamed for a split second and thought to hit my brakes and wondered if my plastic bumper would pass through his windshield, but of course I did not brake. Instead of fueling the situation, I pulled off and let him pass. As a rule I don’t act on my emotions lest they last the whole ride home. This is the first time, so I wrote the Summit Daily.

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