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Lower Blue management plan is about conserving

Linda Brannan
Property owner, Blue Valley Acres
Summit County

I attended the public forum on the draft management plan for the lower Blue River last Tuesday night at the Silverthorne Library and was frankly disappointed with the attempt by a handful of people to portray an environment on the lower Blue River that does not exist.

I am a 30-year owner of property on the lower Blue, and have always found my land owner neighbors to be ethical people who care about the Blue River and want to preserve its unique qualities for all.

I have been a participant in the public process to develop the draft plan virtually from the beginning. In my two years of participation, I have witnessed a very open, positive process.

The stakeholder group that has met over this period has been broadly representative of all interested parties, and the working group that drafted the plan is a volunteer, representative subset of the stakeholder group. If some people want to construct bridges in a pristine place like Green Mountain Canyon or if economic interests want to commercialize lower Blue River, they have an opportunity to present their ideas through this public process.

The door has been opened to anyone who would like to participate, and I encourage anyone who wants to participate to join the stakeholders group and attend these public meetings.

The lower Blue River is a precious resource that is an important part of what makes life special in the valley. Summit and Grand Counties are growing and there is increasing pressure from the Front Range.

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The qualities that make the Lower Blue River so special are attracting more and more people to the river and that is endangering the very qualities we value. This isn’t just about who gets to use the river for recreation; it is about conserving and sustaining a unique and precious resource. The Lower Blue River can be equitably shared, but we must have a river management plan that will guide its use and conserve the river for the generations that follow.