Luke Matejka: Where’d NPR go? |

Luke Matejka: Where’d NPR go?

Luke Matejka

In her vaguely racist and xenophobic letter from April 8, Ms. Laurie Meador of Silverthorne, Colorado noted that “without warning or announcement, Summit public radio switched its programming from NPR to KSQE-FM, ‘La Nueva Mix’, a Spanish language program.”

This is not completely true. The station did, in fact, switch its programming, however, KUNC sent its supporters a letter about two weeks ago announcing the change. Perhaps if Ms. Meador actually supported KUNC’s “fabulous programming” financially, they would have sent her a letter as well? Then she wouldn’t have been inconvenienced by the change. She would also have grounds to complain about those involved in the decision.

A side note to Ms. Meador: I think you should listen a little more closely to NPR’s message. Like most progressive liberals who listen to NPR, I don’t tolerate diversity, I celebrate it. You should feel lucky to live in a diverse community instead of complaining about it.

Editor’s note: KUNC can still be heard locally on 88.3 FM

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