Maes picks Williams as running mate in Colorado governor’s race |

Maes picks Williams as running mate in Colorado governor’s race

Associated Press Writer

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, left, introduces former state Rep. Tambor Williams as his running mate at his campaign headquarters in Englewood, Colo., on Tuesday, Aug.17,2010..(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

DENVER (AP) – Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes picked former state Rep. Tambor Williams on Tuesday to be his running mate, saying Williams has the political experience that he lacks.

Maes called Williams an establishment conservative with tea party credentials who would strengthen his campaign without compromising its strengths.

Williams is an attorney from Greeley who served four terms in the Colorado House. She was executive director of the Department of Regulatory Agencies under Republican Gov. Bill Owens.

“When we take the voices of the people of the quiet and peaceful revolution that has been occurring, and we add the voices of the grass roots of the Republican Party, we have an unbeatable combination,” Maes said.

Williams said she and Maes don’t agree on all issues, including abortion and tax issues, but she promised to bring balance to the ticket.

Maes opposes abortion in all cases. Williams supports a woman’s right to choose in cases of rape, incest and saving a mother’s life.

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“I think pro-life needs to give way to the best of choices and they’re never, ever easy. Dan and I may differ on that,” Williams said.

Maes supports three measures on the November ballot that would slash taxes and fees only when it’s economically feasible. Williams said she opposes the measures but then qualified her statement, saying she needed to check with Maes.

Former GOP Senate President John Andrews, a conservative who endorsed Maes, said Republicans have to make compromises if they want to win back the governor’s office.

“That’s the stark choice we face. This moves us by coalition building to the center-right,” Andrews said.

Lu Busse, chair of the group 9-12 Project Colorado Coalition, a tea party supporter, said Williams brings balance to the ticket that could attract mainstream Republican support.

The Republican Governors Association has been reluctant to back Maes because of a split in the party that erupted when former congressman Tom Tancredo bolted to the American Constitution Party to run for governor, claiming Maes has no chance of beating Democrat John Hickenlooper.

Maes said he plans to talk to national party leaders and hopes he can heal that rift.