Make the U.S. free, dumpthe Electoral College |

Make the U.S. free, dumpthe Electoral College

Harry Marsh Frisco

Americans, declare your independence. Consigning the Electoral College to the political garbage dump and moving to popular election of the president is the first step in wresting control of our government from the tyranny of money and manipulation.Two good reasons for this reform: 1. My vote, 2. Your vote. My vote should count in the election of the one official who represents all Americans. Regardless of where I live, the candidate should have to come to me, hat in hand, figuratively at least, and tell me why I should vote for her or him rather than the other candidates. If I know my vote will count as much as any other, I’ll study the campaign issues more seriously and make sure I cast a ballot. Your vote should count as much as mine regardless of where you vote. If your views differ from mine, the candidates will have to take you as seriously as they do me. At present under the archaic and always confusing Electoral College system the people who are willing to spend vast amounts to get their candidate into the ultimate seat of power, and the spin masters who work for them, can easily manipulate our presidential elections. They determine which are the “red states” and “blue states” and then virtually ignore all those voters. They turn to the “key states” and the “battle ground states” and concentrate all the influence that money can buy on a minority of the nation’s voters living in those states. Such a system promotes cynicism among voters, politicians and all the special interests. It takes the state, county and precinct party workers in most states out of the campaign early on. It divides America rather than uniting America. It makes a mockery of “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

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