Man appeals for his good name after use in murder trial story where he was identified |

Man appeals for his good name after use in murder trial story where he was identified

Derek Kutzer - Alma

This is in regard to the Jan.19 article on the Brian Stockdale case.

This article terribly disheartened me, for I believe my name was used in slander. I have nothing to do with this case, other than being friends with Michael Scott Dietert.

I would know if I was on the scene. Your report assumes I was there, which severely misinforms the public about that tragic night.

The morning after the incident, I was questioned by the police about my whereabouts and my acquaintances that night.

The article in the paper states that I was at the crime scene and I may or may not have participated in the beating.

Fact is, friend involved or not, I would never let something that brutal happen in front of my eyes, and shame on the witnesses who stood and did nothing while three men took advantage over one defenseless man.

I have done nothing to deserve this slander. I have a 2-year-old son, friends, co-workers and a girlfriend in the county, and I should not have to explain to any of them why my name is linked to a murder case.

The use of my name was absolutely unnecessary in the article. You could have described the alleged fourth man, as the fourth man, not my name clear to read on the third page of the paper.

Words are pretty ugly when they make someone’s heart sink down into the pits of their stomach. It definitely is not a pleasant surprise to see your name linked to a murder case on the third page.

I understand your trying to report fairly, and in detail about the happenings in the courtroom, but this is obviously unfair.

That Halloween night was a pleasant, peaceful, party-filled night. It seems that, because my friend engaged in a night of violence and rage I am being deemed guilty by association by the Summit Daily News.

I demand an apology. I would appreciate it if you guys would stick to the facts about the case and stop with the hurtful gossip.

Peoples names are not beachballs. The public deserves to read this.

Derek Kutzer


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