Man busted for wake-and-bake but not fender-bender |

Man busted for wake-and-bake but not fender-bender

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A Dillon Valley man was cited for possession of marijuana after a neighbor incorrectly pointed him out as a suspect in damaging a car in the parking lot.

A Summit County Sheriff’s deputy knocking on the man’s door to inquire about the minor damage to the neighbor’s rear bumper stated that he smelled the distinct odor of cannabis sativa.

“It’s a little early to be smoking weed this morning,” the deputy said, and the man responded: “Yeah, it is.”

Looking into the apartment, the deputy saw a glass jar containing suspected marijuana on the coffee table, and the man cooperated by turning it over and then surrendering a multi-colored glass pipe.

The deputy and the man then went down to the parking lot, where the cop determined that the man’s car ” parked next to the damaged vehicle ” had not been involved in the fender-bender.

But it was little solace for the suspect, who was ticketed for possession of less than an ounce of pot.

A young man and young woman caught by a condo manager soaking after hours in a hot tub admitted to jumping the fence to gain access.

The couple had turned off the exterior lights for their late-night dip when they were discovered, and they could not tell the property manager which unit they occupied.

A security video camera captured the man climbing over the fence, a sheriff’s deputy reported, and both were charged with trespassing.

A suspected drunk driver instead turned out to be a woman taking driving lessons from her friend on a treacherous mountain road ” and not quite getting the hang of it.

A witness called authorities one recent morning to stop a vehicle swerving into the oncoming lane and back onto the shoulder of Swan Mountain Road and accelerating and decelerating erratically.

A sheriff’s deputy discovered that the driver, a 20-year-old woman, was being given a lesson by the car owner.

The woman was issued a citation for driving without a license, and the vehicle owner took over driving duties.

A bar patron who got into a fight with the house disc jockey over the music being played was physically escorted out of the establishment ” but only after he and the bouncer overturned a table and injured another customer.

The suspect admitted calling the DJ an impolite name and said he was defiant when a bouncer asked him to leave the Keystone establishment one night recently.

As the man was being physically escorted out, a woman who was sitting with her back to the fracas found herself suddenly knocked to the ground. She struck her face on the table, causing a small bruise below her eye.

The suspect was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and told that he could not return to the bar that night.

A Texan who blocked the Peaks Trail with his pickup truck ” and flipped off a couple of skiers who complained ” found himself in the proud possession of a couple of citations as well as a towing fee.

A sheriff’s deputy was asked to intervene after a Breckenridge employee could not get a snow groomer onto the trail because the truck was parked at the trail, in front of a sign that reads: “Please do not block trail snow-cat access.”

A couple of cross-country skiers had warned the truck owner, but he allegedly gave them the finger and walked off.

Presumably the Dallas man then had to continue on foot after his truck was towed and he was issued tickets for parking in violation of a sign and parking on a county road.

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