Man jailed for beating Dillon hotel desk clerk |

Man jailed for beating Dillon hotel desk clerk

DILLON – An Albuquerque, N.M., man is in the Summit County Jail after beating a hotel desk clerk at the Dillon Super 8 Monday night.

David James Norman, 33, is cited with second-degree kidnapping, aggravated robbery, first-degree assault and wire tapping. His wife, Loreda Schumann Norman, 49, also of Albuquerque, is cited with complicity in the attack.

The 27-year-old Silverthorne woman, whom Norman beat, suffered a variety of injuries.

“She looked horrible,” said Dillon Police Sgt. Wendy Kipple. “I believe her nose was broken. She was badly bruised, had lacerations and some of her hair was ripped out of her head.”

Norman reportedly entered the hotel lobby with his wife about 9:30 p.m. Monday, asking for a room. Police said the couple had been unemployed and living in their van for six weeks. When the desk clerk ran his credit card, it was declined. Hearing that, Norman attacked the woman, police said.

Kipple recounted the victim’s story about the minutes that followed.

“He assaulted her and told her he was going to rob her,” Kipple said. “She offered no resistance, told him to take whatever he wanted. He continued to beat her. She ran out of the hotel with the portable phone to call 911. He dragged her back in and continued to beat her. She tried to go out the back door with the phone. He grabbed the phone, smashed it and continued to beat on her.”

The hotel manager, who lives on site, heard the screaming and came down to the lobby. Norman’s wife was still there; her husband was outside at the back of the hotel with the desk clerk.

The manager reportedly asked Loreda Norman if she had heard the scream. Kipple said the wife said, “No, I haven’t heard anything.”

When the manager found David Norman beating the clerk, she called police. Though the manger reportedly told the man she was calling the authorities, “he was still on top of the clerk, just pounding on her,” Kipple said.

Silverthorne police got to the hotel first, and Officer Mark Watson “had to drag” the man off the clerk, said Silverthorne Police spokeswoman Verna Pottle.

When Kipple spoke to the man, she said he told the officer that the desk clerk had attacked him. However, police said he was not injured.

Kipple said the man has a criminal history but said she could not release the details.

Police do not know how long the beating continued but said the call came to dispatch at 9:35 p.m. Pottle said Silverthorne police were on scene within two minutes of getting the call.

The woman was treated and released at Summit Medical Center. The desk clerk is traumatized, Kipple said.

But Kipple and Pottle agreed the incident could have been worse.

“You hate to say she’s a very fortunate woman, but she’s a very fortunate woman,” Pottle said. “This guy seemed out of control.”

“He had the head of an ax handle in his back pocket when all this went down,” Kipple said. “I think it was planned.

“It’s strange, especially in Dillon.”

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