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‘Man of the House’ will cheer you up – a little

Kimberly Nicoletti

It’s never a good sign when producers don’t even bother to send their creation to movie reviewers because they know it will end up shredded. It’s even a worse sign when the movie’s working title is, “Cheer Up.”That said, “Man of the House” rated more than the one star I thought it might. I laughed, I cringed, I rolled my eyes at the cheerleaders’ bad acting.

As an ex-con turned preacher, Cedric the Entertainer infuses the film with some humor – albeit gross at the beginning. The cheerleaders add plenty of eye candy with their barely covered bodies, and Tommy Lee Jones plays the Texas-Ranger-turned-sensitive-man part well.The 97 minutes roll by quickly, but the movie is hardly more than an extended sitcom, complete with a few funny lines, physical antics and some sweet character development.

Jones plays Roland Sharp, who protects five college cheerleaders who witnessed a murder by taking them into his house. Suddenly, pierced bellies and bulging bosoms surround the workaholic bachelor.Though he’s not a very good father to his biological daughter, he disciplines the girls, who in turn encourage him to rekindle his relationship with his own daughter. Eventually he not only follows their advice but also allows them to watch his first date from a remote camera and coach him through an implanted earpiece.In between giving advice, the girls cheer for their chosen path of pom-poms and short skirts. It’s like watching “Bring It On” collide with “Grumpy Old Men.”

In the end, the movie acts as a tribute to the perky personality of cheerleaders, showing there’s more to them than fluff. If it were a spoof, it could be brilliant, but unfortunately, it’s not.After watching the “Rocky” of cheerleading movies, Kimberly Nicoletti can be found practicing her cartwheels.

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