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Kimberly Nicoletti"About an hour. No, it hasn't increased; I still have multiple jobs. I never have a ton of time to watch TV."

“Two-and-a-half hours, just in the afternoon when my child is back from school. Yeah, I think (my viewing time) has increased because everything is so bad right now, and TV is distracting. I think it’s good to relax for a time.”

” Daysi Rivas, Frisco

“It’s on for background noise about two to four hours a day, but if something newsworthy is on, I’ll pay attention. It’s my primary source of news. People that say they don’t watch news programs because it’s depressing ” I find them to be very irresponsible because then they’re uninformed citizens.”

” Julie Biller, Frisco, pictured on right

“One-and-a-half hours, and (the recession) hasn’t made much of a difference.”

” Jamie Driscoll, Breckenridge, pictured on left

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“One to one-and-a-half hours: News in the morning and maybe one show when I get home. My viewing has gone down because I spend more time on the computer looking for good deals instead of just buying things outright (before) researching them first.”

” Richard Knapp, Frisco