Man stabbed in Breckenridge incident Monday |

Man stabbed in Breckenridge incident Monday

Caddie Nath

Breckenridge authorities don’t know what happened in the Tonopah Parking Lot on Ridge Street in Breckenridge at approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday, when officers responded to a disturbance call to find nothing out of the ordinary.

What they do know is roughly an hour later a 23-year-old man appeared at the hospital with a stab wound.

The man was transferred to a hospital in Denver, according to a statement from the Breckenridge Police Department.

His current condition is unknown.

In a brief release on the incident, authorities provided little information regarding the incident, and did not indicate what led police to suspect the man’s injuries were connected with the earlier disturbance call on Ridge Street.

Anyone with information about the events that took place in the Tonopah Parking Lot Monday night is asked to contact Breckenridge detectives Blank or Dossett at (970) 453-2941.

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