Many support the war |

Many support the war

The results of the Iraqi war are in. Coalition forces performed with force against the enemy and with great restraint when civilians were encountered.

A despot has been defeated, and the people of Iraq now have the opportunity to build a new government, representative of all of the people, in the cradle of civilization.

 I have been concerned for several weeks about the negative press surrounding the war. I must admit my own prejudice. From 1959-79, I served on active duty with the United States Army. I have served in Germany (two tours – Northern and Southern), Turkey, Iran, Switzerland, Lebanon and Mexico, as well as posts in the United States. 

I know from experience the restraint and concern for civilians built into the Rules of Engagement. I understand the reluctance of the U.S. leadership to commit troops to war.

 I believe two things about the war in Iraq. First, the defeated regime was a cruel oppressor of the Iraqi people. Millions of innocent people were tortured and murdered. Saddam Hussein deserved to be deposed.

Second, the coalition troops were well disciplined and focused on doing their job with as little loss of life as possible. They have received and deserve the thanks of the majority of the American people.

 There are those who do not feel as I do. For the past several weeks, they have demonstrated their feelings on various corners of different towns in Summit County. For the past two Fridays, some of my friends and I have expressed our admiration for our troops on opposite corners.

My informal poll, taken from the expressions of appreciation by cars, trucks, buses and passersby, indicates that the majority (97-98 percent) of the citizens and visitors to our county are in agreement with the position the U.S. Government has taken in Iraq.

While I believe dissidents have the absolute right to express their opinion, I am pleased to have seen such overwhelming support for our troops and our government.

Troy Bunch


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