Marijuana Strain Review: The African Tangerine (Sponsored Content) |

Marijuana Strain Review: The African Tangerine (Sponsored Content)

Leo Wolfson
Brought to you by Herbal Bliss

African Tangerine

Strain type:

Mid-range sativa




Colorado, indoors in soil

THC Content:


Common Flavor(s):

Savory with orange tinges


$16/gram at Herbal Bliss

Sponsored to you by Herbal Bliss, written by Leo Wolfson

The tangerine is a crisp, refreshing fruit, spiraled with soft layers of tropical goodness. Marijuana features a much less desirable taste, but when smoked, typically evokes feelings of mental and physical relaxation, much stronger than what any tangerine provides. Put the two together and it’s a match made in heaven. Herbal Bliss Recreational Dispensary in Frisco has made this coupling a reality with their house-made African Tangerine strain. Let’s take a closer look.

The sativa features a blend of Durban Poison and Jillybean strains, giving it a citrus-like taste and smell. The Durban strain originates from Africa, which is where the ‘African’ title comes in. Thankfully, this weed isn’t dry like the Sahara, and packs a poignant punch filled with moisture and savory flavors.

“The taste and after-taste is almost like you ate some kind of a tangerine, … so there’s a very distinct taste in your mouth,” explained Dawn Mlatecek of Herbal Bliss.

Jillybean has a healthy dose of Orange Velvet, which is where the tangerine-citrus flavor comes into play. Light scattered crystals smatter the herb, along with fiery orange hairs along its leaves, giving it a tropical appearance, far removed from its Coloradan heritage.

The plant may be beautiful to see, but comes with a background even more exquisite. African Tangerine was the last strain standing after a rigorous process growing countless crossbreeds and experimental tests, all to find that perfect combination of fruit and weed.


When analyzing different kinds of weed, many people make the common mistake of simplifying all sativa and indicas into very black and white characteristics. Although sativas do tend to provide a stimulating and clear-headed high, the strength of the THC content and the user’s tolerance will be the biggest factors as to how much energy or lethargy comes from smoking.

African Tangerine is considered a mid-range sativa, with a strong 21.5% THC rating. THC is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. For frequent smokers, the Tangerine can provide a tremendous high, while still engaging in active activities like hiking, skiing, and biking. Those who smoke less frequently should be more conservative with the amount of Tangerine that they smoke. 21.5% THC is above average for marijuana, and those less experienced, may feel the African Tangerine as a pleasant punch. If you typically need four-five inhales to feel high, the Tangerine may provide that with just two. If harnessed properly, the sativa strain can provide a great stimulant for a wide variety of activities. However if you just want to relax, it’s an amazing side-dish while sitting in a couch, deeply entranced in a 1980’s sci-fi thriller. No matter what you chose, if you smoke a lot of the Tange’, you will likely be very high. It’s all about planning for how your body will react, and knowing what you want your experience to be.

“(If you have a low-tolerance) it’d still be an upper, but you’d want to be chilling out on your couch, in a setting where you’re not out and about. … If you’re a drinker, if you have two beers, it could be that third beer for you,” said Mlatecek with a laugh.

So plan ahead before you smoke, because when life gives you tangerines, smoke them and then enjoy the fruit that awaits.

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