Colorado marijuana shop opens window into its growing business |

Colorado marijuana shop opens window into its growing business

A customer looks over 16 marijuana plants at High Country Healing in Silverthorne. The Silverthorne dispensary unveiled the new ceiling-to-floor window panes, described as a new level of transparency in the industry, on Friday.
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Silverthorne’s only licensed marijuana dispensary, High Country Healing, has opened a window into the buds business by unveiling a new view unique to Summit County.

Since last Friday, workers at the long-established pot shop can now lift an electronic shade in store’s reception area upstairs, where customers’ IDs are scanned for recreational sales, to reveal a ceiling-to-floor wall of glass. On the other side are more than a dozen marijuana plants of various varieties.

High Country Healing is calling its new display a “Show-Grow,” according to the business’s director of customer relations Joe Lindsey, who further describes it as the next level of transparency in the marijuana industry.

Because they’ve been working with the same strains at High Country Healing for so long, he added, he likes to think they’ve become “masters of their trade.” Plus, he said, why wouldn’t the dispensary voted No. 1 in the annual Best of Summit readers’ choice awards want to show off its product?

All of the marijuana they sell at the shop is grown in-house as naturally as possible, Lindsey bragged. The plants are all raised in organic soil and watered, fed, pruned and trimmed by hand.

The smell from the grow room doesn’t seem to seep through into the reception area, at least any more than the unmistakable aroma of marijuana already wafting outside the building.

Reactions to the window thus far have been “pretty much straight cartwheels and laughter,” Lindsey said, before elaborating on that statement.

“No, seriously,” he explained. “People press their faces up to the glass like moths to a flame.”

Many of the store’s customers have seen marijuana plants in person before, Lindsey hypothesized, but most pot plants, banned by federal and state governments for decades, were probably seen through pictures in magazines, newspapers or on television.

To take one in up close in person, he noted, is an entirely different experience for pot-smokers, and when those people actually do see a plant “living and growing in front of them,” Lindsey said, “they flip, man.”

However, consumers shouldn’t think of High County Healing’s new window as purely educational; the display also serves as a grow-and-sell as much as it does a show and tell.

That’s because the new window falls nicely into the dispensary’s pick-your-own-bud system, a plan that allows customers to reserve choice cuts of their favorite strains before any of the buds ever make it on shelf.

The result, Lindsey said, is “the budtenders and managers pick out the craziest, biggest, nastiest nugs and put them in a reserve bin just for the people who reserved.”

“So they get ‘the forearm nugs,’ dude,” Lindsey continued as he extended his right arm fist clinched for reference. These are “the nightmare buds,” he said with a big smile.

High County Healing a similar show-grow at its store in Eagle-Vail, but the new window also stands out as one-of-a-kind, at least locally.

In fact, of Summit County’s marijuana dispensaries, none offers the general public anything close to the kind of viewing opportunity like the one High County Healing unwrapped last week.

This story originally published Dec. 19, 2017. It was featured in the April 2018 edition of Rocky Mountain Marijuana.

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