Marijuana products we love in Colorado |

Marijuana products we love in Colorado

Saturday, March 31, in Dillon.
Saturday, March 31, in Dillon.

It’s not all bud and flowers anymore. As Colorado’s cannabis industry continues to grow so does the variety of products available to meet every need. From pain to upset stomachs, there’s something for everything that ails you.



Binske offers a variety of olive oils and honeys. The honey is great in teas and can help with an upset stomach or other illness. It is also produced in a farm-to-table style with all of the honey coming from Colorado bees.

The olive oil is also helpful for anyone feeling under the weather. If choosing to cook with the olive oils, just be careful about how long and how high of a temperature the product reaches — it is possible to cook out the THC. The olive oils come in a variety of flavors and also make a great salad dressing. Each bottle contains 100 mg of THC. Both of these products can be found at Altitude Organic Cannabis ranging in price from $25-35. The price is on the higher end for out-of-state customers and lower end for residents.



Ascend’s CO2 pen cartridges are produced using a cleaner method of extraction to optimize the user experience in the final product. Using an ethanol rinse in the manufacturing process, the terpenes are added back into the product giving the concentrate a full-bodied taste and smell. Each cartridge is terpene specific, creating products that have a tailored effect and purpose. These cartridges will run into the higher price range, ranging from $65-75 at Altitude Organic Cannabis. Each cartridge includes 500 mg of THC giving the user 200-300 hits.



Viola offers shatter, wax and cartridges, depending on each person’s vaping preferences. Unlike Ascend, Viola uses butane for the manufacturing process. This maximizes the THC and psychoactive effects in the product, but does make it a bit harsher. Costs vary significantly between the different options, but will generally run between $25-50 at Altitude Organic Cannabis. Altitude only carries shatter and live resin Viola products.



Proving there’s more than one way to ingest marijuana, Foria offers a variety of suppositories to cover everything from back pain to menstrual pain to just adding a little pleasure. Each suppository contains 60 mg THC and 10 mg CBD infused into organic fair trade cocoa butter, and offers full-day pain relief. Foria also creates an infused sexual intimacy oil from a coconut-oil base that helps increase blood flow and sensitivity. Suppositories can be purchased in single doses or in a two pack. Intimacy oils also come in sample size as well as 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml bottles at Altitude Organic Cannabis. Prices for each are as follows: out-of-state single suppository, $17.50; two-pack suppository, $33; locals single suppository, $15.75; two-pack suppository, $29.70; out-of-state oil, $30-105; locals oil, $27-94.50.



Altitude Organic Cannabis rolls and packages its own joints, available in five- or 10-joint packs. Unlike many pre-rolls on the market, Altitude starts from the whole plant — others start with shake or trim — giving a better, more consistent high in the final product. Prices at Altitude Organic Cannabis are as follows: out-of-state five pack, $47.13; out-of-state 10 pack, $86.41; locals five pack, $30; locals 10 pack, $55.



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