Mark Campion: Rodeos all about the money |

Mark Campion: Rodeos all about the money

Mark Campion, Golden

Mr. Jordan: Some people will always be anti-rodeo, but that machine is bigger than them … especially when the towns that hold them reap the financial rewards. Same with the circus, though the circus makes the rodeo look like a rest home. Rodeos ARE Americana to the max, and you gotta love it. In my opinion, most rodeos now are all about the money. Buffalo Bill used to hold western shows for a nominal fee as well, and I visit his supposed grave up here on Lookout mountain just to listen to him toss and turn over what has become of the rodeos. He had no idea of the money he coulda made for his “Buffalo Retirement Fund.”

Rodeos are pretty cool for sure. They are a blast. I like to go and see the pretty cowgirls run barrels. That to me is amazing and actually sporty, but the roping and tying and strapping and chasing down seems a bit harsh on the animals. You are basically paying money to go watch cowboys treat animals like they were carnival rides. I just think it needs to be a two way street for the animals. Seems fair enough to make the arena bigger so that the animals can actually hold a full speed trot before they hit the wall and find themselves hog-tied like bundles of old junkmail. Maybe turn the rodeo ground into an optical course for the ropers and the buck riders? Make it even tougher on the riders, which is hard to do. These riders have serious talent. Lets mix it up a bit and put Breck on the map for holding “extreme rodeo.” Give the animals a chance to make it to pasture, not back into the pen.

Mr. Jordan, next time you go to the rodeo with your son, ask him what he sees in the eyes of the animals when their snouts are eating dirt and their legs are all tied up. Have fun just the same, but be one of the calves for the night, and see if your neck doesn’t feel like a wrung out washcloth when the night is done. See if your ankles have ropeburn and bruises. Check your ears for cerebral spine fluid whilst you are at it. Anything is possible when you are in their position.

If anything, Breck Rodeo should put some of their proceeds into the coffers of rescuing dogs ,horses, cats, and endangered species, as a show of faith. I know that most rodeo companies follow strict guidelines caring for their animals, but there are some appalling instances of mistreatment, and those instances have sparked the anti rodeo sentiment you read right here. Post the accolades of your current rodeo company, and we will put this to rest.

Show me the money, Breck. Stick to the horsedrawn carriage.

Good luck riders and ropers. Giddy up America.

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