Mark Gee: Conservatives fear change |

Mark Gee: Conservatives fear change

Mark Gee

Morgan Liddick’s October 20th column goes into detail on some of the ideas of various enlightenment era philosophers regarding how governments should be run. The political right was compared to John Locke (logical and theory-based) and the Obama administration was compared to Jean-Jacques Rousseau (emotional and irrational). This column is yet another degrading comment on our president by a conservative without any constructive input or specific examples to back it up.

In my opinion, President Obama is both rational and practical. Let’s look at some facts regarding the current health care crisis (leaving out for now the other problems we face) and then decide if Obama’s moral judgments as justification for policy change are non-rational.

Fact #1: A new study by the Harvard School of Medicine finds that 44,700 deaths per year can be linked to lack of health insurance.

Fact #2: The U.S. currently spends 15.5 percent of the gross national product on health care which is about 50 percent more than other developed countries and health outcomes are generally worse in the U.S.

Fact #3: A public health insurance option is desired by 57 percent of Americans recently polled.

It seems perfectly reasonable that these issues require major policy changes. I believe typical conservative arguments against policy change stem from emotionally based fears of change in general. These fears are passed on to the general public with scare tactics designed to avoid analysis and debate. It does no good to bicker about grand theories of government and which party has the “correct” ideology. President Obama is all about sound reasoning and practical results. I have faith in his efforts to lead us on a more sustainable course.

That said Mr. Liddick, look for the rest of us to be passing you by ON YOUR LEFT.

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