Mark Yeager: Lowe’s – Leave the city in the city |

Mark Yeager: Lowe’s – Leave the city in the city

Mark Yeager

Here’s a simple solution for all the people who feel like they just can’t live their lives any longer in Summit County without a Lowe’s. Move back to Denver or whatever big city you came from and you can not only have one, you can buy a house right down the street from one. Then you fully enjoy the traffic, noise, congestion, trash blowing through yard, the malls, neighbors who build fences and then never talk to you across them, and the crime.

But whatever you do, quit trying to drag the city up the hill behind you now that you’ve moved here “to get away” from all that. If you need a big hardware store, make the 45-minute drive to Avon or Evergreen.

For the rest of you, let all of the Silverthorne government know exactly how you feel about having another box store shoved down your throat. Let them know loud and clear. Not just in council meetings. Let them know what you think of them personally as well as professionally when you see them at the grocery store, walking their dog, skiing, hiking, at the restaurant and anywhere else. Let them know loud and clear at ever hour of the day how you feel.

And don’t stop there. Silverthorne is determined to ram this through, community sentiment being irrelevant. When it’s built, you have a choice. Don’t shop there. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t whine and complain that you don’t want your life here being eroded by another big box store and all that it brings with it, support your local merchants and help close the doors on the monstrosity for good.

Vote with your feet.

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