Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show at AOB tonight |

Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show at AOB tonight

Daily News staff report
Special to the DailyMark's Midnight Carnival Show brings indie rock and an atmosphere to 'get free and let the music move you' at at Alma's Only Bar tonight.

Alma’s Only Bar hosts Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show tonight at 9:30 (no cover). Here, Mark Bush (vocals, guitar and bass) breaks down what the group is all about:

Indie rock you can dance and groove to.

Part of it is a spiritual calling, an undeniable urge to want to get up in front of people and help them have a good time. … We’ve created a sense of community with one another and with our audience that makes us want to keep writing and being creative and making more music to share. The audience and atmosphere at the AOB is awesome for that. They are always involved and really let us know that they are enjoying the music.

The funniest thing to me – the thing I always get a kick out of – is the people that get up and really get into the music and are dancing and having such a great time. … At one of our shows over the summer we played a Queens of the Stone Age cover, “I Wanna Make It Wit Chu,” at a venue where the audience was primarily a country music audience and we had the entire crowd doing an electric slide to it. It really shows how awesome music can be and cross boundaries.

People are always surprised when we play. Expect the unexpected. You are going to have a good time. You are going to dance. And you’re going to remember how much fun you had the next day. … We are Colorado’s best-kept secret and we don’t want to be a secret anymore.

Right now we’re working on new material for our next album, to be released in 2013. We play as much as we can and are trying to meet as many new people as possible. Check us out online through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. … We love hearing from our fans and hope to see you at our next show.

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