Marmor: Satorial challenge for Biff America |

Marmor: Satorial challenge for Biff America

Lisa Marmor, Keystone

We all expect a quirky and funny column from Jeffrey Bergeron. So I was surprised when I read his March 3 column, “The Blind Clothing the Clueless,” in which he managed to insult both blind and adopted individuals. Am I missing something? Is that supposed to be funny, Biff?

You were an adolescent whom others thought made some questionable clothing choices. Most teenagers think they look cool and most parents are mortified by their kid’s unconventional fashion choices. Nothing unusual, don’t we almost expect that to happen?

So Mr. America, we don’t need to be robbed of our ability to see in order to dress “inappropriately” just as we needn’t be horrified we might be adopted because we disappointed our parents.

Grow up Biff!

Lisa Marmor, Keystone

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