Martin Hertzberg: More on the climate-change hoax |

Martin Hertzberg: More on the climate-change hoax

by Martin Hertzberg

In my first article, I indicated that detailed scientific references would be provided that contradicted the theory of human caused global warming.

For data on temperature, global ice coverage, and sea level, see, and click on September 2009. The data show nothing dramatic but some cooling in recent years, in direct contradiction to the IPCC model predictions of years ago.

For “the hockey stick fiasco” and an analysis of the Vostok ice-core data going back 500,000 years, see, and .

For a thorough review of the history of the discredited “greenhouse warming theory” and the basic physics that proves it to be devoid of physical reality, see, then click on “There is no GH Effect,” then click on the website shown for the complete paper by Gerlich and Tscheuschner.

For the lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere, its natural sources and sinks in the biosphere and oceans; and the trivial amount of the human contribution, see

For my analysis of our nation’s energy problems see .

When done, you will probably ask yourself the same question that many who heard my talks asked: “Why haven’t I heard these arguments before?” Simply because journalists and politicians have failed to exercise due diligence in researching the issue in depth.

The other question usually asked is “what is the motive for all this?” To find out “cui bono” simply “follow the money.”

First the major actor, Al Gore, has made over $100 million from his movie, book, and lectures. Next his advisors, Schneider and Hansen fear-mongered about the coming ice age in the 1970’s but are now fear-mongering about global warming. In both instances, they argued that human emissions were the culprit. They have a clique of camp followers: in government, universities, among contractors and climate modelers, all with a vested interest in keeping research dollars flowing. The total amount spent so far is about $70 billion.

Next there are the nuclear power advocates: Nuclear reactors generate no CO2 as they produce electricity, so they can solve our nonexistent C02 problem. Their motives were openly revealed during the last election when John McCain flipped from opposing “cap and trade’ to supporting it. He campaigned for building many more nuclear reactors to solve the “climate-change crisis.” From his earliest days in Congress, Gore himself faithfully represented the interests of the nuclear establishments such as the Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee.

Next there is the renewable energy industry. They also generate no CO2 as they produce electricity. Their advertising campaigns claim that solar and wind power can eliminate our dependence on imported petroleum when, in fact, they do not produce a single drop of the gasoline we need for the transportation sector of our economy. Colorado’s governor and our members of Congress push their agenda incessantly. Solar and wind power require enormous subsidies and do not presently meet the nation’s requirements for continuous and reliable electric power.

Next there are the bunch of environmental lobbyists and activists and their camp followers in the mass media (even PBS and the BBC) who simply regurgitate the anecdotal clap trap they are fed about polar bears, northwest passages, melting ice-caps, drastic rises in sea level, increases in hurricane frequency and intensity, and all the other weather disasters that you need to feel guilty about!

Never underestimate the power of fear-mongering hysteria. Fundamentalists find it very effective for proselytizing their religion. Neo-cons and Republicans conned us into the war in Iraq by fear-mongering about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. They are doing the same now to defeat health care legislation with their “death panels.” So, for the climate-change issue, it looks like my fellow, liberal Democrats are finally learning the lesson: Fear mongering can keep the inertia wheel of the global warming hoax rotating to the lucrative benefit of all their supporters. But what about the damage to the nation when it flies off its hinges in the form of draconian legislation for carbon emission control? Such legislation will have absolutely no effect on weather but will do serious harm to our economy and to working Americans.

Dr. Martin Hertzberg lives at Copper Mountain.

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