Mathews: America needs a real leader |

Mathews: America needs a real leader

Scot Mathews

Re. “Mormonism and the media scrutiny,” by John Fanning, letters, Sept. 11

I would like to thank John Fanning for exposing the liberal media in his gracefully written letter. It was pretty disgusting to hear about Kate Snow interviewing a feminist, interracial couple and a gay person! Ewwwwwwwww! Cootie alert! Hope Kate had her shots. Way to call out all those media outlets that are biased. They should look to Fox News for their business model. Fair and balanced is the new standard. They have been doing a great job exposing this “muslim” president of ours. Yes, the “chosen one.” It’s almost like he was “chosen” in a Democratic election by a majority. Disgusting. Who does Obama think he is, running around with the likes of Rev. Wright? He will bring that “Black Liberation Theology” to our great nation and, OMG, muslims will be stealing our daughters, the NFL will be canceled and cats and dogs will be living together. Terrifying to say the least. I hear Obama is going to take away the sun tomorrow so everyone has to use flashlights that run on those liberal batteries! Makes you want to just curl up in your favorite Sponge Bob blanket and hide from reality.

What we need is a real leader, one who is decisive, honest; never flip-flops, can run a marathon under three hours and can bring that real-world experience learned while cutting his teeth on Planet Kolob fighting off the invading Mars Rover. Folks, let’s bring in the new American century by showing the rest of the world that “crazy” is really the new everything. What, I hear something…..the bunker door is opening… worries, just Colonel Sanders and Michelle Bachman coming over for some tea. Where are my pills? Where am I? I like baloney sandwiches.