Mathews: Gun rights talk amounts to paranoia |

Mathews: Gun rights talk amounts to paranoia

Scott Mathews

Re: “Don’t bid a farewell to arms,” by Guy Pacot, letters, Jan. 4

Guy Pacot’s paranoid ramblings on gun control gives us all a window into the gun advocates way of justifying yet another tragedy brought to us by unhindered military grade weapons with high-capacity magazines. Take a long, hard look at yourself America. Is this what we want? The ability to pump round after round of lead into 7-year-old children? Fire hundreds of bullets in to moviegoers? Way to be on the wrong side of an issue. Where is the rationality? No, we will never rid our country of firearms but we can limit who can possess them and what type of weapons they are. To argue that a civilian needs to own any gun that is designed specifically for combat is madness. It seems people like Mr. Pacot here believe that somehow the Second Amendment has no limitations unlike the rest. Yes, I am having trouble with the neighbors so my solution to this problem is to plant a 105 mm artillery piece on my lawn because I can! Let the justice rain down! This paranoid disorder is shown clearly when people think the UN is coming after them for their beloved assault rifles. What? Government coming for you? Ready to take on F-17 fighter jets, drones and a standing army of 1,430,895 personnel with a majority being kids? Yeah, our kids. The ones that didn’t get shot dead before graduating kindergarten. It seems also that Mr. Pacot lives in the detroitus of Frisco. Scary place?..for being safer than 98.7 of all American cities. Paranoid much?

There is no rationality in arguing that if a kid picks up a rock on the playground and throws it at another child we should then give all the kids rocks? Bring that NRA crazy talk! Grow up America.

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