Mathews: Reality turned on its head |

Mathews: Reality turned on its head

Scott Mathews

Re: “Can our economy survive another four years,” by Christina Knowles, letters, Sept. 19

Ok Right-wingers … so this is all you guys have left. Just make stuff up. Christina Knowles’ letter is so full of absolute untruths that I can only think the Summit Daily News editor published it to bait folks like me. Well I’m taking the bait. When had the Middle East not been a powder keg? Obama is responsible for taking away our $1.80/gallon fuel? What? When was this? There was one week in the last year of Bush that we were remotely close to that price! One week! The Keystone pipeline will do nothing for consumers here in the states. It enables the dirtiest type of oil (tar sands) to reach the Gulf to be shipped elsewhere. Embassy’s being attacked daily? Huh? Under Bush we had seven attacks…this incident is a first for our sitting president. Obama was asleep at the wheel on 9.11? I have no words that can be printed to try and fathom where you came up with that one. I seem to remember someone else being in office. Yes, every day I wake to the concern that my beautiful wife will be forced to wear a burka and be stoned for being raped….Wow. Stay away from all Starbucks because somehow they are being targeted for bombing? Where do you get you news from? Charles Manson?

The pathetic state of the GOP is clear when its small-minded, uniformed cult followers claim such crazy lies that reality is just turned on its head. Your party now resorts to lying, voter disenfranchising, and attacks on the working class. What happened to the GOP? Your party who has always called themselves more “American” than any other is now the most “Un-American” party. Congrats.