Maureen Hyland: Ben Brewer for Breckenridge Town Council |

Maureen Hyland: Ben Brewer for Breckenridge Town Council

Maureen HylandLake View Meadows

I want to strongly encourage Town of Breckenridge voters to cast their vote for Ben Brewer for town council. I would vote for him – if I could vote in town. I believe his qualifications are ample: His knowledge of the town is unsurpassed, having been born here and having spent most of his life here, other than college. He earned a graduate degree in college, and has been a worker in nearly every industry represented in this town. He knows what struggles workers face in their attempts to earn enough money to actually LIVE in this area. He pledges to focus on year-round sustainable job creation. He wishes to be an advocate for the middle class in Breckenridge. Ben is a great friend (and musician) as well as an attentive husband, father and son. He is capable of dedicating himself to a cause, having lobbied the town on issues related to attainable housing, as well as participating in meetings about the trail and road designations for the B&B parcel.I myself worked for the town for over 18 years through tremendous growth. I saw first-hand how important the council’s role is. Ben would not be serving the interests of a few business people, or one specific industry, but rather the community as a whole. Ben believes that Breck is now on the brink of a new era wherein we have an opportunity to remain a well-balanced community. I think Ben would be a great addition to town council. You could not ask for a better candidate!

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