Mazda drives off cliff near Hoosier Pass |

Mazda drives off cliff near Hoosier Pass

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Summit Daily/Robert AllenA woman drove her Mazda off a cliff near Hoosier Pass Monday but was not seriously injured.

PARK COUNTY – An unidentified woman lost control of a red Mazda 3 on southbound Highway 9 descending Hoosier Pass on Monday morning, careening down a cliff – but not rolling.

The driver sustained non-critical injuries and was taken to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, and there were no passengers, said Senior Sgt. Mike Brown with Park County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident occurred about 1 mile south of the Hoosier Pass summit. Brown said Monday afternoon that the cause of the wreck hadn’t been identified.

He said vehicles driving over the edge of a cliff aren’t an especially common occurrence, but a Jeep pulled a similar maneuver in the past few weeks.

“It happens,” he said, adding that such incidents are more frequent in the winter “when road conditions deteriorate.”

A tow truck pulled the Mazda back up to the road from where it stopped near some trees about 70 yards below the highway.

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