McGahey: ‘A time-honored exchange of conflicting ideas’ (letter) |

McGahey: ‘A time-honored exchange of conflicting ideas’ (letter)

I was harassed in the bank lobby the other day by a local blind liberal — one who votes for the Democratic party no matter what criminal is running — who asked me how the Mitt Romney campaign was going. So, I asked him in return how that Hope and Change was working out for him during his unemployment.

I then apologized and confessed that it was all George Bush’s fault that the stock market lost 2000 points this week, that our economy has a 7 year flat tire, that jobs are not being created despite billions in government spending, that Americans don’t trust this president any more than the reporters who continue to give him a free pass, that each American owes $56,000 of the national debt and that there is now more racial violence in our country than under any other President since Abraham Lincoln.

It was a time-honored exchange of conflicting ideas in the public square that would have made our Founding Fathers proud.

Kim McGahey

Summit Republican Party chairman

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