Media, liberals ignore Kerry’s antiwar record in this presidential campaign |

Media, liberals ignore Kerry’s antiwar record in this presidential campaign

Kent W. LattigLt. Col. USAF retired, Vietnam '67-'68Breckenridge

“A Historical Perspective of Vietnam” (SDN, Sept. 5) may have been Kim Fenske’s perspective of politics, family and the Vietnam War three decades past, but it certainly does not portray any depth of knowledge or understanding about John Kerry’s role in the war.This letter is not submitted to argue the issues of the Vietnam War, which was the most divisive conflict in our lifetime.Most Vietnam veterans – including me – would be content to let the Vietnam conflict be history. We’d rather turn our attention to the threat of terrorism. But, John Kerry’s “reporting for duty” speech at the Democratic National Convention brought Vietnam back to the American people and, particularly, to the veterans who lived and fought in Vietnam.Kerry’s statements to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April 1971 are well documented. Some of the statements are “headlined” in a Swift Boat Veterans TV ad. Through association with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) along with Jane Fonda, Kerry participated in, sponsored and spoke at numerous antiwar rallies during which he accused the U.S. soldiers of atrocities in Vietnam. One four-day VVAW rally in September 1970, called Operation Rapid American Withdrawal, was an 86-mile march from Morristown, N.J., to Valley Forge, Pa. Participants in the march made mock U.S. invasions along the way distributing leaflets that stated that if you had been Vietnamese in an actual U.S. invasion, you would have been subject to many atrocities. Kerry did all this while he was still in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Jane Fonda was a civilian.Some may say that Kerry fought the Vietnam War with honor, and he fought against the war with honor. Many veterans, who knew Kerry and paid attention to what Kerry was doing and saying, tell a different story. The mainstream liberal media and the Democrats have chosen to replay Kerry’s Vietnam service, but they have also chosen to ignore Kerry’s antiwar record with the VVAW. The word is starting to come out now that some 60 Swift vets have questioned Kerry’s record. Look for the Green Berets and the POWs to join the issue. The Vietnam Veterans for Truth are staging a rally in Washington, D.C., on Sunday to help get out the word. Perhaps folks like Kim, who may have been too young to understand fully what was going on during and immediately after Vietnam, will finally hear “the rest of the story.”

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