Melting snow could result in gas line breaks |

Melting snow could result in gas line breaks

ASHLEY DICKSONsummit daily newsSummit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY A broken gas line helped fuel a recent house fire in Breckenridge, proving the dangers associated with unchecked gas lines and meters can be devastating. During the winter months, snow and ice collects on outdoor gas meters and lines and, come spring, the thaw can pull lines from their foundations or anchors, resulting in cracks or leaks. According to Lake Dill Fire-Rescue, the potential for broken gas lines is particularly high this spring. Weve had an abnormal snow year, said Lake Dillon Fire-Inspector Dan Moroz. Which means a higher than normal snowpack and fewer warming days that allowed for snow and ice to build.The more snow and ice that is left to accumulate, the more potential there is for line to crack or become compromised, notes Inspector Moroz. Already this spring, firefighters from Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue and Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District have been called upon to investigate reports of gas leaks or natural gas odors throughout the county.Now that the snow is melting, fire authorities are urging property owners to inspect their gas meters to check for any leaks or unusual odors. In addition to becoming familiar with the location and condition of outdoor gas meters and lines, residents should also locate and learn how to activate gas shut-off. In the event of a fire or emergency, providing responders with the location of the gas shut-off valve can greatly enhance the protection of both lives and property.

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