Mental health is about understanding emotions |

Mental health is about understanding emotions

Jackie Talbott

I truly loved reading the article about mental health, especially as I was diagnosed with Dysthymia (chronic long-term depression) 14 years ago. I had to learn most of what was said, as it wasn’t taught to me as I was growing up and I’ve practiced it. I was; however, re-taught a few things I now preach and practice:

1) Emotions “are” ” they are not negative or positive. By getting rid of the positive/negative description, in my case I allowed myself to feel.

2) Know your emotions; give them the names they come with: Happy, sad, anger, shame, lonely and fear.

Once I knew their names, I could tell what I was feeling and, instead of repressing everything but happy, I could actually feel them. In this light, it is OK to feel happy and sad (or whatever) at the same time.

3) “Own” your emotions ” they are yours and not anyone else’s ” and when you are feeling whatever you are feeling, say so.

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