Mentor of the Month: Johnny Brokaw |

Mentor of the Month: Johnny Brokaw

Special to the DailyMentor of the Month Johnny Brokaw with mentee, Jachob

What is one of your favorite things to do with the young person you are mentoring?I like to do the things he likes to do most. We are different people, and those experiences are usually new to me or are things I havent done in quite some time. Getting in touch with that part of myself every week is an invaluable experience.Who has been the most influential person in your life?My best friend in college, The Rev. B. Not really a reverend, but he had a lot of important, intelligent things to say and a unique view toward life that I really identified with, and was able to apply to my own life including all my little compulsions.Where is the most interesting place you have traveled and why?Interesting? Id have to say New York City. That place has everything. Literally. You could spend a lifetime there and find something interesting every day. Some things youve never even heard of before.Share an experience that made an impact on you.There are probably a million. Every experience in life does that to a person. The most memorable I suppose is the time I almost left this world nothing quite like that to make you actively appreciate every moment of life that you have.What words of wisdom would you pass on to the community to help our kids become more involved in healthy activities? As far as health goes, one word is all you need moderation. Too much of anything is bad for you, especially all that sugar! What words of wisdom would you pass on to the community to get more people involved in Mountain Mentors? Heres the thing about getting involved. We all have our own stuff going on in life, and its so easy to get consumed by our own stuff that we dont even consider the things going on around us sometimes, and we miss out on them. I say experience all you can, participate in each experience fully, and you will certainly walk away a better person.For more information on becoming a mentor call (970) 668-4153, ext. 4154.

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