Merry Xmas |

Merry Xmas

Patrick FaganBreckenridge

Unfortunately, the phrase “Mxxxy Cxxxxxxxxs” has become controversial. Some stores don’t use it; some people are more reluctant to say it than before. Maybe it was out of politeness, and those peopel don’t want to offend those of other faiths. Maybe it was over-commercialization, and those people feared the celebration of Christ’s birth was getting lost amid presents and business. Maybe it was exclusivity, and they thought those who do not accept that Christ was the son of God should not celebrate his birth and life. I just don’t know. Dec. 7 was Tom Waits’ birthday. I do not believe that he is the son of God but I do think his birth is worth celebrating. His words and music show an uncommon understanding of the human condition; it’s OK to suffer, we all do it and it will pass. I’m not advocating that we establish a “Waitsmas”; I’m just making a point.I really do not want to offend anybody by writing that I do not beleive that Christ was the son of God, at least in a literal sense. Someone could define this as blasphemy and then I might wish them a “Mxxxy Cxxxxxxxs” and hearing “Mxxxy Cxxxxxxxs” from a atheist-blasphemer could ruin their holiday (sorry). But I do beleive that Christ’s words and life showed an uncommon understanding for the human condition abd that his birth is worth celebrating. I’d love to hear a Muslim wishing a Buddhist a “Mxxxy Cxxxxxxxs” and hear the Buddhist pass it on to Jew, who passes it on to a Hindu who brings it back to a Christian. I’d love to hear it not just as an act of interfaith sharing, but as an acceptance of two things:1) If he were still alive, Christ would love us; and 2) we all want to be loved. The same can be said of the Buddha (his birthday is in May).So, accepting that Christmas is a more profound experience to a Christian than it is to me, this ex-Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist possible-blasphemer would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! (I hope I don’t get in trouble for that.)

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