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Midwest sounds in the mountains

Who: Clovis Mann

When: Sunday

Where: Snake River Saloon, Keystone

Where’d the name come from? Watching too much PBS. We were watching a show about the evolution of North America and listening to a lot of Herbie Mann’s “Memphis Underground” and “Push Push” albums.

Home base: A big green van in Madison, Wis.

Type of music: We play rootsy rock with a lot of driving riffs and slide guitar. Throw in some harmonies, and there you have it. Sprinkle a little harmonica and lap steel, and we’re cooking. For this tour we’ll be utilizing the power trio format, but other times we have another guitar, or a hammond organ player, sometimes both, and other times both and another drum kit. That we call Clovis Mann O’War.

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Either a whooping stick or a unicorn saddle. Possibly an analog laser gun with the power to shatter rainbows.  

Why do people love ya? We give it all we have every time we play, and people can see that. Also, we’re not afraid to lighten it up with a few bad jokes and a few toasts. Plus, people dig our Wisconsin accents and mustaches. For this tour, Jamie will be wearing the “Bernie the Brewer,” Dan P. will be wearing a “Martin Van Buren,” and Dan W. will be wearing a “Grizzly Adams circa seventh grade.”

How do you keep it fresh? Keep writing new material and letting the older stuff evolve. Adding a few new covers and putting our stamp on them doesn’t hurt either.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? We’ve seen numerous UFO’s (including one landing in a farmer’s field outside of Plainfield, Wis.), and we may have seen a werewolf/bearwolf/chupacabra one foggy night on the way home from Sheboygan.

Who: Lubriphonic

When: Monday

Where: three20south, Breck

Where’d the name come from? A friend of ours named the band. Lubriphonic, like lubricated sound. Or something like that.

Home base: Chicago, Ill.

Type of music: We play funk/soul/rock ‘n’ roll music from Chicago. We all came up as side-men in the rich musical environment there. I started Lubriphonic with our drummer Rick King. We both came out of Chicago’s vibrant blues scene. He played drums for Koko Taylor, among others, and I played guitar for Otis Rush. Others in the band came out of Chicago’s jazz circuit, and still others from the gospel side. I think Lubriphonic captures the intersection of these avenues of Chicago music – the blues, soul, jazz and gospel. Chicago is one of the most prolific musical cities in America, and we are proud to represent some of that.

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? It would be a Cadillac – the perfect combination of style, comfort and performance.

Why do people love ya? I think because we dig deep live. I think people appreciate that. They can tell the difference between a band playing a show and a band playing a show FOR an audience.

How do you keep it fresh? We never use a set list. I call the set as we go, based on what seems to be going best with the audience. That helps to keep things fresh. Also, we try out new material on the road before we record it, so there are always new songs that show up in the set.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? I spend my days riding around the country in an aluminum can with seven other grown men and my nights getting on stage with a rock band. My whole life is a weird experience.

Download sampler: http://www.lubriphonic.com/fr_lubetunes.cfm

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