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Mike Bohlender: Equal Access disappointment

Mike Bohlender

It was disappointing to read about the recent experiences of two members of this community (TJ Dufresne and Steve Benasso) with regard to the school district’s “equal access” philosophy. It appears from their recent letters to the editor that TJ and Steve are victims of “race baiting.”

Clearly, this is a form of intimidation and bullying on the part of race baiters – a vile attempt to silence critics of equal access.

So, if in fact the experiences of TJ and Steve are true, then the race baiters should attend one of the schools “anti-bullying” programs.

I do not believe TJ and Steve are bigots or racists. I do believe, like Barbara Arbuckle does – that TJ and Steve are “elitists” and “separatists” – as are all the critics of equal access. There can be no other explanation for people who speak out against unproven and poorly planned and communicated academic “flavors of the month.”

How dare these equal access critics expect that the Summit County School District offer opportunities for their children to get the best education possible? How dare they expect the school district to hold some children to higher academic standards than others who are often content to just show up and muddle through, biding their time until graduation day.

We should all be thinking about the possibilities of personal growth and development if we ensured that everyone was “equal” in our district. We could even start a committee to come up with ideas so the leaders don’t have to make any hard decisions. My suggestion would be to not tell anyone about the planned changes until after the changes are implemented – experience suggests that what people don’t know, won’t hurt them.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to help promote equality:

> Everyone gets a turn to be quarterback, one snap per person. In addition, let’s not keep score at sporting events or name a team captain. You want to “start” – sorry, everyone’s a starter.

> Every student gets to be first chair for the upcoming orchestra concert, there are no “leads” for the play – everyone who wants to be in the play can have one line.

> Eliminate the title “valedictorian” – the students who gets to speak at commencement will get their name drawn out of a hat.

> No more postings of class rankings at the entrance to the high school. We will celebrate equality by putting everyone’s name at the top of the list so no one’s feelings will get hurt. Better yet, only the top AND bottom (academically) 10-25 kids will have their names on the wall in order to celebrate their achievements.

> Four years of college study at Front Range University for all. Silly parents, thinking your kid might be better off attending Princeton – LOL!!

By now, you get my point – I hope. Everyone should. Or, everyone should not. Because we are all equal.

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